Scholarships 2018-2019

These scholarships are local to Genesee County or students from Southwestern have historically won them.

Current Scholarships for Class of 2019: 

Urban League of Flint Black Scholars All Stars Scholarship- Due April 20th 

“You are the Future” Scholarship- Due May 1st (find actual scholarship link contact kristen)

5/3 Bank Finance Academy Scholarship- Due May 9th 


Optimist Essay Contest Application- Due May 14th

Society of Minority Fire Fighters- Due May 31st

Vision_Board_Scholarship– Due August 18th


Various Due Date:

Katarine Roat Stevens Scholarship Fund Application



Genesee Go Stipend

Finishing FAFSA

Can qualify for grants like the Pell Grant (up to $6,195)


Other Scholarship Websites:



Past Scholarships: 

Gates Scholarship Program- Due Sept. 15th 

Dell Scholars- Due January 15th 

NAACP of Flint Scholarships- Due January 26th 

Greater Flint Afro-American Hall of Fame Scholarship- Due February 2nd 

Michigan Society of Professional Engineers -Due February 7th 

M A Wright Scholarship Application- Due Feb. 15th

Community Choice Scholarship- Due February 28th

Rebecca Louise Robinson (Deltas) Scholarship – Due March 1st 

Mae D Green Scholarship (Deltas, Women Only)- Due March 1st 

Rosa Parks Scholarship- Due March 1st

Dort Federal CU Scholarship- Due March 1st

AKA Scholarship- Due March 8th

Alice O Neal (Zeta) Scholarship- Due March 8th

The Links Scholarship- Due March 8th (No Essay)

Back to the Bricks Scholarship- Due March 15th

American Association of Blacks in Energy Scholarship- Due March 15th 

David Barns Scholarship – Due March 16th

Kiwanis Scholarship- Due March 15th

ELGA Credit Union Scholarship (Must Be a Member)- Due March 22th

Mott Trustee Scholarship- Due March 29

Alsame Scholarship (for Latino students)- Due March 30th 

Woodside Church Scholarship- Due April 27th

West Flint Business Association Scholarship- Due March 31st 

MVS Scholarship Application– Due March 31st

Community Foundation of Greater Flint (11 Scholarships)- Due March 31st 

Krause and Kolkman Memorial Scholarship- Due April 1st

Buffalo Soilders Motorcycle Club Flint, MI – April 10th 

John F & Edith Wilsterman Scholarship Trust- Due April 8th 

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