Scholarships 2020-2021

Flint Jaguars Football - Northwestern High School - Flint ...

These scholarships are local to Genesee County or students from Southwestern have historically won them.

Scholarships for the Class of 2021 that should be completed by EVERY SENIOR:



The Flint Promise 

Genesee Go Stipend

(Once you have made your decision, money is automatically sent to the institution)

Additional Scholarships

Community Foundation Scholarships (due March 31st 2021)

MLK Scholarship

AROSE Foundation Scholarship (due May 1st 2021)

March Scholarships from UNCF

Class of 1965 Scholarship (due April 16th 2021)

Memory A. Wright Scholarship (due April 30th 2021) 

Past Scholarships for Class of 2020:

“You are the Future” Financial Plus Scholarship- Due June 10th 

Beverly Sims Legacy of Hope Scholarship– Due June 12th Instructions here

Abott and Fenner Scholarship -Due June 12th

Vision_Board_Scholarship– Due August 18th

AES Engineering Scholarship- Due October 15th 

Various Due Date:

Katarine Roat Stevens Scholarship Fund Application

Other Scholarship Websites:

JLV College Counseling

Past Scholarships : 

Gates Scholarship Program- Due Sept. 15th 

Dell Scholars- Due January 15th 

NAACP of Flint Scholarships- Due January 26th 

Greater Flint Afro-American Hall of Fame Scholarship- Due February 2nd 

Michigan Society of Professional Engineers -Due February 7th 

M A Wright Scholarship Application- Due Feb. 15th

Community Choice Scholarship- Due February 28th

Rebecca Louise Robinson (Deltas) Scholarship – Due March 1st 

Mae D Green Scholarship (Deltas, Women Only)- Due March 1st 

Rosa Parks Scholarship- Due March 1st

Dort Federal CU Scholarship- Due March 1st

AKA Scholarship- Due March 8th

Alice O Neal (Zeta) Scholarship- Due March 8th

The Links Scholarship- Due March 8th (No Essay)

American Association of Blacks in Energy Scholarship- Due March 15th 

David Barns Scholarship – Due March 16th

Kiwanis Scholarship- Due March 15th

ELGA Credit Union Scholarship (Must Be a Member)- Due March 22th

John F & Edith Wilsterman Scholarship Trust- Due April 8th 

West Flint Business Association Scholarship- Due March 31st 

MVS Scholarship Application– Due March 31st

Community Foundation of Greater Flint (11 Scholarships)- Due March 31st 

Woodside Church Scholarship- Due April 27th

Krause and Kolkman Memorial Scholarship- Due April 15th

AAA School Safety Patrol Scholarship Application- Due April 17th

Urban League of Flint Black Scholars All Stars Scholarship- Due April 29th

     (Urban League of Flint Facebook Group) 

Mott Trustee Scholarship- Due April 29th 

Timbercrest Roofing and Siding Scholarship- Due April 30th 

James Bloss EMS Scholarship Fund- Due April 30th 

Rotary Club of Greater Flint Sunrise Scholarship – Due April 30th

Alsame Scholarship (for Latinx students)- Due May 1st 

AR Pruitt Foundation Scholarship- Due May 1st 

Back to the Bricks Scholarship- Due May 1st

FLINT NORTHWESTERN ALUMNI Vosburgh, Haggart, Cherverny & Class of ’65

Scholarships for the Class of 2020– Due May 3rd (Instructions) + (Scholarship Form)

Optimist Essay Contest Application- Due May 14th

Buffalo Soilders Motorcycle Club Flint, MI – May 15th 

5/3 Bank Finance Academy Scholarship- Due May 15th 

Alpha Kappa Alpha Inc. Scholarship- Due May 15th 

Society of Minority Fire Fighters- Due May 31st

Giving Back to Flint Scholarship- Due May 22nd (Information in picture below)


Urban League of Flint Black Scholars Scholarship- Due May 25th

VMware Achive and Rise Scholarships- Due May 31st 

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